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Paper donations URGENTLY needed!

In the Hort, there is urgently needed new paper for our children to paint and tinker. Donations can be made at any time in the Hort on the Marconi street, e.g.:

- Paper of different qualities (white or recycle) in A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 format
- drawing blocks
- Paint paper from roll (e.g.from IKEA)
- Already one-sided printed copy paper
- Paper with already printed logo
- Copy paper (white or recycle)
- Colored paper (A3 / A4 / A5)
- Writing paper

Thank you very much!

Information about the donation run during the school festival, on 06-Spt-2019:

- The donation run takes place on the school ground.
- Every elementary school child is allowed to attend.
- The starting times per class will be announced at the school festival.
- Each round is 80m long and each child is allowed to run for a maximum of 15 min!
- Each child agrees in advance with parents / relatives / friends of the family one bet per round. Depending on how many rounds the child runs now, the previously set wager must be subsequently transferred to the donation account of the Rudi-Hilft-Verein. Of course, 100% of the income will go to the pupils of the Rudolf Hildebrand Elementary School - among other for exciting school projects, school trips or our planned climbing rock for the Hort-location.

Ready! Steady! Go!
News about the school festival on 06.09.2019 (2.30-6.00 pm)

The hot phase of preparing for our school festival has started. And this will revolve around the 111-year-old school building. In this context, we invite all students of primary school and all other Mariendorf school and preschool children to a big party on the school ground. There will be many stations with historical games; we are planning a tombola with really great winnings and you can watch a school lesson anno 1908 live. All guests, who will appear in a historical costume, will receive vouchers which can be redeemed at the festival against food / cake / drinks.

So dear children and parents, rummage through your wardrobes, bind the girls, as then, hair braids and puts on chic clothes / shirts. 111 years Rudolf-Hildebrand-Elementary School should be propper celebrated! We look forward to meeting you!

Your festival preperation team

Planned dates:

06-Sept-2019: 111th anniversery of the school
21-Spet-2019: Children's flea market in the Hort area (Marconi Street)
01-Dec-2019: Sales of printed articles of our own printing facility at Lichtenrader Weihnachtsmarkt (Berlin Lichtenrade)

September marks the 111th anniversary of our school. On the occasion of this special event, a big children's party with many surprises will take place on the school grounds on 06.09.2019.

Invited are, of course, all students of the Rudolf Hildebrand Elementary School as well as the new school starters in Berlin-Mariendorf.

The exact details will be provided later this year. But one thing can already be revealed: we will travel back 111 years in history and immerse ourselves into the school life of 1908 with all our senses.